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Panda Records® _ after it first being just a “brain-child”, to a talented, ambitious & adventurous young man, this decade we celebrate its reality, [Andy’s vision come true]. Encompassed with talent and passion for music, [his personal taste being hip hop and his idol as a teenager was Tupac Shakur].

Andy Onos is motivated and driven by making a difference in the music industry, not only by recording or producing, but by offering experience, knowledge and inspiration to our artists within this industry. Positive networking is one of his trade secrets, which places him in an advantageous position in his career.

His ambition and “go-getter” attitude will enable him to grow and excel from strength to strength, and surely take Panda Records® to a level where the brand will be recognised internationally. An innovative mindset will definitely move Panda Records® from “great” to being rated the “best” in the industry.

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