Let me introduce you to DOT… the music sensation who just bagged a lucrative deal signing to PANDA RECORDS, She is a young dynamic individual passionate about life and has an intense interest and talent for the creative industry. We believe she has the qualities required to be an asset anywhere you place her in the creative industry. She is  hardworking,confident and diligent person who welcomes any opportunity to continuously learn, her youthful and dynamic nature will present a fresh and innovative approach to the music industry. Dot is a well- composed individual who is actively committed to achieving high standards and best quality in all that she does.

To us, she is still a ‘work in progress’ and our label is giving her the opportunity to apply her skills and competencies in a dynamic, open, young, multi- cultural and friendly environment that will allow her personal and professional growth. PANDA RECORDS’ plan for Dot is to develop her with a professional backbone in this tough and exciting industry, we are also enabling her the ability to work with people at different levels and different parts of the world, starting with Nigerian collaborations. She has the ability to work in a team and independently.

Her work ethic reveals that she is not shy to learn, to work ahead, and to go the extra mile to get the desired results. She comes forward with determination, drive and desire to be a great asset to any company. She is currently in studio working on her EP, which will be available towards end of September.We invite you to come ride the wave with us as we introduce this groundbreaking talent that we believe will cause a serious ripple effect in the music industry in the next few months only if you become part of our journey


Tel: 010 023 2793, Cell: 067 223 0996

Studio Apartment Crowthorne Luxury Estate Midrand Jhb


Please check again later for releases.



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