About Us

Panda Records® _ created by Andy Onos [CEO], hailing from the beautiful city of Lagos, and masterminded by Harry Harrison [MD], together the power team manage their well designed studio. Andy Onos relocated to SA a few years ago to further his studies and to attain a greater eduction on offer to him. Studying Media and Music at the University of Johannesburg, his passion and dream was to launch his very own Panda Records® .

In 2017 this “brain-child” began, and in 2020 became a reality, and an everyday career. Filled with heartfelt desire for music production and recording, although being new on the market and fresh in the industry, there is no stopping Panda Records® from excelling. Our ambition is to place our brand on an international level and space, as we work hard at achieving our goals, building our business and brand, along with our strong and positive networking capabilities.

Andy OnosPanda Records® CEO

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